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Keynote Speaker


 Brandon Lee has been in recovery from addiction for more than 13 years. He hit his rock bottom in 2010. Brandon struggled to find hope or joy in early recovery. He suffered severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. After 11 years of continuous recovery, Brandon experienced his first relapse. That relapse led Brandon down a dark path to a point of wanting to end his life. At that time, Brandon was a 5-time Emmy Award winning news anchor for CBS News in Phoenix, Arizona. He had just published a best-selling memoir on mental health, Mascara Boy. Brandon felt the weight of shame that so many others have experienced after a relapse. Brandon worked with a therapist to reprocess his childhood trauma: sex abuse, physical abuse and neglect. As Brandon began to heal from the childhood trauma he experienced, he began having vivid dreams of artwork. A little boy kept appearing in his dreams by  throwing paint on him. Brandon's therapist encouraged Brandon to give painting a try. Brandon went to the art store to buy some art supplies. He turned his guest room into a make-shift art studio. Months later Brandon had another vision: to leave his 22 year career in news and open Art Of Our Soul to give trauma survivors the gift of art in the same way art has helped Brandon heal from his trauma. Brandon left CBS News in September of 2021. He opened Art Of Our Soul two months later in November. Art Of Our Soul opened its doors with 3 committed programs. In 14 months, Brandon is now operating the flagship studio with more than 16 partnering programs, providing art healing sessions to more than 600 trauma survivors each month. He helps more than 8,000 trauma survivors heal through art each year. The trauma Brandon has experienced in his early life has led him to his purpose. Brandon is one of the most sought after public motivational speakers. He travels the country to speak about how trauma impacts our minds and bodies, and how we can use those traumatic experiences as an opportunity to find our life's purpose. 

Dignitary Remarks


Kate Gallego

Mayor of Phoenix

Mayor Ortega Headshot.jpg

David Ortega

Mayor of Scottsdale

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